the Q&A

Q: hey there Walt! can you tell me a bit about who the heck you are and what you're about?

A: of course! we are a craft brewery and coffeeshop housed in the old saratogian building in downtown saratoga springs, ny. you can find our coffeehouse upstairs, with breakfast and lunch options offered in addition to our delicious caffeinated goods! downstairs is the brewery taproom, which offers a full menu (it rocks) designed to complement our beer.

Q: sounds pretty cool to me. when can i come visit? do i need to set up a time ahead of my my arrival?

A: the cafe opens at 8 am daily, serves food until 4pm, and remains open until 6pm. the taproom opens at 11am daily and remains open until 10pm sunday-thursday and 11pm on friday and saturday. the kitchen closes an hour before last call. we do not take reservations.


Q: nice! i have to ask, what is your favorite space to spend time in?

A: it's pretty tough to pick between the two to be honest. i love starting my day up in the cafe with an americano or tan huong tea. i always come to get some work done or do some reading. the day often flys by and before i know it, it's time to head downstairs to the brewery. trying the detroit-style pizza is a must, as is taking the time to admire the artwork in the space. each space has its own personality, and each is inviting and enriching in its own way. i would surmise that picking a favorite space would be akin to a parent trying to pick a favorite child - so i will abstain.

the original hipster

from johnny cash to janet jackson, american culture was inspired by walt whitman. he was the original pioneer, the original hipster, the original original. here at whitman brewing, we embrace culture by putting it in everything we do. our music, our place, and our people all follow the trail blazed by Walt Whitman - american originality.



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20 lake avenue

saratoga springs, ny 12866

cafe hours 8 am // brewery hours 11 am


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