Beer at whitman is not just be something you can have a discussion over, but something that you can have a discussion about. it is meant to challenge you to think about beer in a different way-- as a foundation of culture and conversation.

pouring now, forager raspberry

5.0 / $8 / 12oz


a berliner weisse style ale conditioned on over 400 lbs of raspberries. a powerful raspberry flavor throughout with a beautifully balanced tartness that marries perfectly with sweet raspberry jam flavors. a light lactose addition gives this iteration a fuller body than its sister. 

2. Light & Sound Discipline

4.8 / $7 / 16oz


a dark brown porter with a toasty-not-roasty malt flavor that makes this a well-balanced, easy-drinking option. brewed with munich, chocolate, and crystal malt, this classically-brewed beer has notes of rich chocolate, biscuit, and caramel.

3. animated personality

abv 6.1 / $7 / 16oz


this new england-style ipa features citra cryo hops alongside mosaic. a complex malt base gives this beer a beautiful copper hue and a soft yet light mouthfeel. citra and mosaic combine in their lovely symphony of orange and pineapple, backed up by the yeast’s defining stonefruit character. this beer embodies the experience and personality of our brewer Nick. 

4. Shadows in my Room

5.0 / $7 / 16oz


a full-bodied oatmeal stout that is surprisingly sessionable. brewed with a variety of american and german malts, this beer is deep and complex with notes of espresso, chocolate, and toffee. RIP Juice.

5. Le Petit Poete

4.4 / $7 / 16oz

french farmhouse ale

a French farmhouse ale with notes of banana, clove, and black pepper. observe Le Petit's hint of haze meant to compliment the pale body and enjoy this dry, crushable beer.

6. massive medallions

6.1 / $7 / 12oz


hopped with citra and el dorado, this beer bursts with flavors of bright orange, creamsicle, and candied cherry. complete with a warm orange hue, a pillowy-soft mouthfeel, and a hint of sweetness, there is only one way to describe this beer - pure gold. 

7. everywhere is nowhere

6.0 / $7 / 16oz


this bright yellow pale ale is a beautiful mix of hop flavors, with hops gathered from every corner of the earth. Australian galaxy, American lotus, and German hallertau blanc work together in this beer to create flavors of stone fruit, light grape, and resinous pine. light & dry this beer is perfect for a long, philosophical conversation about the world. 

8. the eighth wonder

6.9 / $7 / 12oz

"the most important thing to do is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." thank you #24. we will miss you.



9. now, forager boysenberry

4.3 / $8 / 12oz

a berliner weisse style ale conditioned on over 400 lbs of boysenberry. Intense boysenberry flavor throughout with a beautifully balanced tartness that pairs well with this sweet fruit. a sight and taste to behold.

10. i'm so, i'm so...enigma(tic)

4.7 / $7 / 16oz

the second installation in our rotating pale ale series, Australian enigma is the feature hop in this edition. light, with a pale yellow hue from a simple pilsner base. this beer bursts with notes of resinous pineapple, stonefruit, and soft tropical fruit. it isn’t hard to figure out, you’ll love this beer


Meet Keegan!

"our style of brewing is defined by its absence. our approach is more of a mosaic-- comprised of traditional old world styles, contemporary fan favorites, and a healthy dose of experimentation to help create trends rather than follow them. we hope to introduce those that walk through our doors to new and exciting styles and flavors. we are driven in equal parts by creative freedom and by the needs and wants of our amazing guests."

keegan dombrosky,

head brewer


20 lake avenue

saratoga springs, ny 12866

cafe hours 8 am // brewery hours 11 am


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